Do I need an appointment?

Scheduling an appointment is strongly encouraged if you would like to try on bridal or bridesmaids gowns. We currently have 2 fitting rooms and want to be sure we have time to give you the proper attention &  the space available for your visit. 

Can you tell me about your dresses?

The majority of our dresses are made to order by designer-owned, independent companies. While most of our collection is made to order designer dresses, we also have a small collection of discontinued designer dresses. These dresses are one-of-a-kind and available to buy directly off the rack. 

What size dresses do you carry?

Our samples generally range from sizes 10-16 bridal (equates to 6-12 in regular sizing), though we also have some samples in bridal sizes from 8 to 22.  

How do appointments work?

Bridal and bridesmaid appointments typically run 1- 1.5 hours, during which we will guide you through the various designers and styles we carry. Please be aware, if you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, we may not be able to extend your appointment.   It is also in the best interest of the bride that she come to her appointment with no more than 2 people.  Please note that we are a small, intimate boutique and cannot accommodate large parties or small children.

How long before the wedding should I place my order?

Bridal Gowns: 6-9 months is safest, though we can accommodate rush orders
Bridesmaid Dresses: 4-5 months
Flower Girl Dresses: 1-3 months
Veils & Accessories: 2-3 months prior to your wedding, though some designers are quicker.  

What should I bring to the appointment?

Feel free to bring pictures of gowns that inspire you. Source them from magazines, Pinterest, vision boards…anything you’d like! If you don't already have a vision of what you like, no worries - we'll help you figure out what you love! Strapless bras usually work best when trying on dresses, but no problem if you don't have one. We encourage you to eat before or after your visit with us as we do not allow food and beverages in the shop with the exception of water, white wine or champagne. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by several local restaurants and we are happy to recommend our favorites if requested!

Who should I bring to the appointment?

We recommend bringing 1-2 family members or friends whose opinions you value most. Wedding dress shopping is SO fun, but it can get overwhelming and stressful when a bride is considering the opinions of many people. After all, it's your wedding dress - and it's your feelings and preferences that are most important! We believe that every bride wants and deserves a wonderful wedding dress shopping experience. To ensure the best experience possible for each and every bride, we kindly ask that larger groups over 3 guests, and unsupervised children, do not accompany you to the shop. Of course we realize there can be special circumstances - please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What is the bridal gown ordering process?

Our designers work on a custom, made-to-order basis, and as such we require a 50% non-refundable deposit on each bridal gown order.  The remaining balance of 50% is due when the gown arrives in our shop. & must be paid in full & picked up within 30 days  We will call you as soon as your gown arrives, and recommend that you make an appointment to try your gown in our shop within two weeks of its arrival & payment must be made in full within 30 days unless other arrangements are made ahead of time.

What is the bridal party ordering process?

Bridesmaid dress designers work on a made-to-order basis, and generally take about 4 months to deliver.  To allow your bridesmaids time for alterations, we recommend having your bridal party order placed at least 6 months prior to your wedding. To ensure all dresses come from the same dye-lot, orders are held until the entire party has paid for their dresses and selected their sizes.  This also helps to eliminate confusion with ordering and deliveries on our end, and yours.  

What is the process for alterations?

We recommend starting your alterations when your gown arrives. Some gowns require multiple fittings to ensure the perfect fit. Even if your gown does not require many alterations, we always suggest starting the alterations process as soon as possible to alleviate any last-minute stress as your wedding day approaches. Allow for a month or so for alterations - our dresses are made to standard sizes, not to measure, so some tailoring is to be expected. Most of our designers can honor a rush order for a fee- ask us for more information if you are on a deadline. Some of our bridal designers also offer customization features which assist in best fit such as length or adding sleeves.

Can I bring in items to be altered not purchased at your shop?

No matter where you purchased your gown, your are welcome to bring it in and receive a quote for alterations. Our alterations department also alters all types of clothing for men, women & children.

How much do alterations cost?
The cost of alterations varies from gown to gown and is not included in the price of your dress. In general, the majority of brides spend between $200 and $500 on alterations. When you select your gown, the seamstress can help give you an idea of what your gown might need in terms of alterations, and an estimate will be fine-tuned during your first fitting after your dress arrives. Alterations pricing & quotes cannot be given over the phone or by a picture- each gown is as unique as each bride, but you can be assured that you will receive the best pricing (and quality) available!!

How should I prepare for my first fitting?
It's best if you know the heel height that you will be wearing on your wedding day before your first fitting. You do not need to have chosen the specific shoes you will be wearing, but if you have a good idea of the heel height that will help the seamstress know how much or how little to hem your gown.
If you have an idea of which undergarments you will be wearing on your wedding day, please bring those with you to your first fitting. If you need help figuring out which undergarments will work best with your gown, the seamstress can give you advice about that.
If you have any heirloom jewelry or keepsake items that you know you will be wearing for your wedding, please bring those items with you. We can help you incorporate these special items into your wedding day look, for example by stitching a small piece of fabric from your mother's wedding dress into the lining of your gown for your "something old", or adding a vintage brooch to your sash.

What should I expect during my first fitting?
During your first fitting you get to see and try on your own wedding dress for the first time! It's super exciting! The alteration specialist will see how everything fits and give you an idea of which alterations will be needed. She will pin the dress while you're wearing it and talk through all the next steps with you. During your first fitting, you will also have the opportunity to try on veils, hair accessories, shoes, and jewelry to choose accessories that complement your gown and so you can see how everything will look together. 

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