Appointments are not necessary for alterations if you are able to come in during regular business hours. Otherwise you may call to schedule an appointment.  Alterations are always a separate cost and are almost always needed as the garments ordered are not custom made to your exact measurements. 

Please be specific on where & how you'd like your hem, train, strap width, etc. We will also provide best recommendations if necessary. If something doesn't look or feel right to you during the fitting, please speak up as we want you to be completely satisfied! You can be assured that the work done on your garment is of the highest quality by a seamstress with over 40 years of professional experience.

Standard turn-around time for regular clothing is 1 week unless other arrangements are made beforehand & specialty items are 1-2 weeks except during prom season (March- May).

Alterations Policies:

  • Payment for alterations services are due in full at time of fitting unless other arrangements have been previously made

  • Any item purchased from the boutique MUST be paid in full before alterations can begin

  • Any garment purchased online from overseas is subject to an upcharge due to the poor quality of workmanship
  • Items must be picked up within 30 days


  • Alterations by Suny at The Fancy Frock works independently and is not employed by The Fancy Frock- Suny is her own separate business, therefore she is able to provide direct service on all types of items & her pricing is direct to her which helps save on costs, especially for brides!. She is solely responsible for the quality and completion of the alterations discussed, paid for and approved by the customer.
  • The Fancy Frock and Alterations by Suny have the right to refuse alterations to any individual under any circumstance at any time.
  • The Fancy Frock, nor Alterations by Suny are responsible for the fit or additional costs (alterations or materials needed) due to weight loss/gain, pregnancy or plastic surgery .**Customer must notify The Fancy Frock & seamstress if any of the above applies after initial fitting within 3 months of the final fitting.
  • Any issues or concerns need to be discussed directly with the seamstress so that she may explain and address any and all issues with the fit of the garment. In the event of a disagreement, any and all resolutions will be at the discretion and responsibility of the seamstress.
  • Bridal alteration fitting appointments are recommended. We recommend for wedding gowns, six (6) to eight (8) weeks prior to your wedding or travel date for your first appointment.  Once the final fitting is completed & paid for, any future alterations that may need to be done (ex.- bride loses/gains weight, becomes pregnant, etc) will be a completely new & separate fitting and charge.
  • Anything under six (6) weeks from the wedding or travel date will be subject to a rush fee. Rush fees are at the discretion of the seamstress and will be assessed at the first fitting due to time frame needed and work required. It is your responsibility to set your appointment in enough time to avoid any additional charges.
  • If you are not able to come in or do not show up for your final fitting without rescheduling, the seamstress is not held responsible for the fit or finished work of your garment.
  • If you meet with the seamstress and decide not to continue your alterations, there will be a $50 pinning fee for wedding gowns & $15 for any other gowns. All pins will be removed upon pick-up of the garment.
  • Shoes and undergarments (including but not limited to: slip, bra, corset and/or spanx) must be decided upon, purchased and brought to the first fitting and all proceeding fittings. We do not have these items here for you to use during your fitting but they can be purchased through the boutique.

Services Offered

  • Pressing/steaming is included once with the service of alterations completed here. If you would like the wedding gown pressed more than once there will be an additional charge of $100.
  • Pressing/steaming will be an additional charge of $100 if alterations are taken or have been done elsewhere. We will need the dress seven (7) to ten (10) days prior to date of pressing completion and pick up.
  • Pressing/steaming is always a separate cost for veils or slips.
  • Custom window panels, home decor, wedding decor
  • We do not offer dry cleaning services, gown preservation or dyeing.
  • Embroidery coming soon!

 Alterations by Suny


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